Chemical Engineer Grows Synthetic Brain - Tony Jacix
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Chemical Engineer Grows Synthetic Brain

The human brain.Weighing in at just 3 pounds, its a fatty collection of neurons processing 38 thousand trillion operations per second.

It can generate 23 watts of electricity, and uses 20% of the blood and oxygen produced by the body.

Theorized to have evolved 7 million years ago, it’s Mother natures crowning achievement, and the thorn in her side. How poetically ironic, that this magnificent creation, would be the architect of its successor.

Artificial Synapses

In 2012, UCLA chemical engineer James Gim-zew-ski, announced his plans to create a synthetic brain – a machine that possesses physical intelligence. He goes on to say such a system promises to cause a revolution one might call the post-human revolution.

The engineer has came one step closer to his lifes work

Recently his team discovered a grid of tightly-packed posts, grew nanowires in seemingly random directions when treated with silver nitrate.

On the atomic scale, the connections among the silver nanowires resemble synapses, which are the junctions where two neurons meet up and transmit signals amongst each other.

When the network of wires is hit by an electrical signal, the nanowires seemed to be organizing information as a brain does — all on their own.

The world is getting weird, perspective is encouraged.