The Most Disliked Video In History - Tony Jacix
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The Most Disliked Video In History

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, right? It’s one of the founding pillars the United Staes of America was built upon.

Now, you don’t need to agree with anything someone says, but the moment you take away their right to say it, freedom dies. You see, social critiquing is the nights watch, standing guard against a dystopian society that lurks in the dark corners of our fears…both rational and irrational.

The free flow of information are the weapons used, and once those weapons are disarmed…well, let’s hope for the best.

Most Powerful Company In History

In 2006 Youtube was purchased by Google for 1.65 billion dollars, and is the second most popular digital destination in the world, just behind Google.

Over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day – making Alphabet, the parent company of google and youtube the single most influential source of information in the entire world.

Like any totalitarian entity, it’s probably best not to make them upset, but the internet did what it does best…ruffle feathers. And, the Almighty Youtube was it’s latest target.

Every year Youtube creates what it thinks is a cool video that wraps up the best content of the last 365 days called YouTube rewind. YouTube’s 2018 curation hold’s a unique distinction bestowed upon them by their loyal subjects, and that distinction is the most disliked video of all time.

At the time of this writing The YouTube 2018 rewind has a record crushing 15 million dislikes – a huge blow to the ego of the most powerful company to ever exist. So much in fact, YouTubes Director of Product Management is considering the elimination of the dislike button from YouTubes platform.

A move that will protect it’s users from the so-called “dislike mobs” as he so eloquently puts it.

The world is getting weird…perspective is encouraged.