UPDATE: M.I.T. Beams Voices Into Your Head - Tony Jacix
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UPDATE: M.I.T. Beams Voices Into Your Head

Can you hear that? Me neither. But they do.

Known as Targeted individuals, or TI’s for short this group of people from all over the world have insisted that someone or something has been transmitting information directly into their brains.

For years the mainstream has brushed them off as crackpots or schizophrenics, all suffering from the same delusion. I mean c’mon some secret agency using advanced technology to transmit voices directly into someone’s head.

Laser Transmits Sound

On January 23rd, 2019 The optical society of America released the results of an experiment conducted by the smart folks over at MIT. According to the report, Researchers have demonstrated a laser can transmit an audible message to a person without the need of a receiving device.

Team Leader Charles Wynn states the system can be used from a distance to beam information directly into someone’s ear, without anyone else hearing it…even if a bystander were to stand directly in the beams path.

The message is clearly heard by the target at a volume of 60 decibels -That’s about the level of background music or a conversation in a restaurant. This new physcotronic technology creates sound out of thin air.

It’s based on the photoacoustic effect which occurs when a material forms sound waves after absorbing light. In this case, the researchers used water vapor in the air to absorb light and create sound

Wynn believes further research will allow them to scale up the transmission distance. He goes on to say this technique may be useful in dangerous situations…like a mass shooting — authorities could beam instructions directly to someone without anyone else hearing them.

The world is getting weird, perspective is encouraged.